Jennette McCurdy Diet Plan

Jennette McCurdy

American actress and singer Jennette McCurdy started her Hollywood career in the early 2000s. She made her feature film debut in Shadow Fury. She next appeared in the comedy-action Hollywood Homicide. During the early 2000s up to the mid 2000s, she mostly had guest appearances. Ultimately, she got her TV break after getting the role of Sam on the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly. She also appeared as Pinky Turzo on True Jackson, VP. While she was on iCarly, she had a role in the film Minor Details. After the show, she reprised her role as Sam on the spin-off Sam & Cat. She now plays the lead on the TV series Between.

The 24-year-old actress stays fit and slender by eating right. She understands the importance of balanced diet and staying away from unhealthy foods. She’s so devoted in living healthy that she’s part of BirdsEye GenVeg campaign. In an interview about this campaign, she said: “this is a whole new movement that is encouraging kids to get creative with their vegetables and to not view veggies as something that is gross or “ugh, I gotta eat my veggies”. It’s telling kids: “No, vegetables are cool, just figure out how to use them right.”

When asked what her favorite veggies are, she said it’s corn, broccolli and asparagus. She also loves having some vegetable dish. Of her favorite, she said: “I love sauteed asparagus. Mmm! And I love these grilled brussels sprouts with balsamic vinaigrette that they make at a restaruant on Sunset, it’s so good.” What’s her diet habit? “My dietary exercise routine is I try to get vegetables in as much as possible and if you reach for a vegetable or a fruit when you go to the fridge, you are satisfying your hunger but you’re also doing yourself a favor so that is my dietary kind of what I grab for.”

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