Grant Gustin Workout Routine

Grant Gustin

Hollywood actor Grant Gustin got his start in the industry in the straight-to-video movie Kid Fitness Jungle Adventure Exercise Video in 2003. A few years later, he made his TV debut in A Haunting. In the 2010s, his acting career became more prolific. He landed his first notable role on television – playing Sebastian Smythe in Glee. At the same time, he also guest-starred in CSI: Miami.

He later had a recurring role in 90210 as Campbell Price. His big break came after landing the role of Campbell Price in Arrow. He later reprised his role in his own series The Flash, where he plays the titular character. He has been starring on the series since 2014. He has also reprised his role in the spin-off Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. In addition, he starred in the movie Krystal.

Playing a superhero on television, the actor knew he needed to up his workout routine in order to improve not only his physique but his strength and agility as well. In an interview, the TV star became candid about the kind of training that he does in order to stay in shape. He said: ” I think my workout routine is much different than what Stephen Amell did and what he still does, just because our body types are so different. But it’s a lot of working out for hours at a time. Right now it’s about running, I’ve been putting in some time with an Olympic running trainer.”

He continued: “I run a lot. I do a lot of pull ups and push ups while I’m at work. I run a lot for the job. I’m on a treadmill in front of a green-screen—harnessed. And it’s 10 to 14 hour days for me every single day. I haven’t had a camera day off yet. So that schedule keeps you in shape, too.”

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