Ginnifer Goodwin Workout Routine

Ginnifer Goodwin

Hollywood actress Ginnifer Goodwin had her career beginnings in the early 2000s. During her initial years, she had a guest appearance on the show Law & Order. She then became known for her role as Diane Snyder on Ed. Around the same time, she had significant roles in the feature films Mona Lisa Smile, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! and Walk the Line. She became further known for joining the main cast of the HBO series Big Love as Margene Heffman. Simultaneously, she starred in the films In the Land of Women, Birds of America, and He’s Just Not That Into You. She has also starred in the movies Ramona and Beezus and Something Borrowed. She recently voiced the lead role Judy Hopps in the animated film Zootopia. Since 2011, she’s known to television viewers as Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White on Once Upon a Time.

The actress and mother-of-two nears her 40s, but you surely would find this surprising looking at her slender and toned figure. The Once Upon a Time star owes her youthful and lean figure to her healthy choices in life. This includes her practice of a balanced diet and regular exercise. For her toned body, she has her active lifestyle to thank for. She said in an interview: “I’ll speed-walk a couple of miles, get a cup of coffee, speed-walk back. It’s so easy. Just break a sweat for 30 minutes and you’re fine.” She also credits the diet program Weight Watchers for helping her sustain a healthy weight.

She said: “It takes time because you lose the weight slowly. You don’t have to go through that horrible yo-yo cycle of binging.” Health for her is not just looking slim and losing weight. It’s something more than that. She revealed: “Healthy is beautiful. Because what comes with health is a clear mind and a high spirit. When I’m not healthy, I can’t think straight, and I’m unhappy. I’ll realize that I’m an emotional mess, and it’s because I’m dehydrated. Or I’m cold and cranky, and it’s because I’m not exercising and my circulation is poor.”

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