Emma Dumont Workout Routine

Emma Dumont

It was in 2009 that dancer-actress Emma Dumont got her start in the world of acting, appearing in the films True Adolescents and Dear Lemon Lima. She then landed her first main role as Melanie “Mel” Segal in the short-lived series Bunheads. At the same time, she also starred in the movie Nobody Walks. She next guest-starred in Mind Games and acted in the TV movie Salvation. She also appeared in the feature film Inherent Vice.

She later played Emma Karn in the television series Aquarius. Afterward, she guest starred as Sasha in an episode of The Fosters. She later started playing the recurring role of Zoe Desaul in T@gged. She went on to have guest roles in The Magicians and Pretty Little Liars. In 2017, she started playing Lorna Dane / Polaris in the new series The Gifted. She also recently starred in the independent films The Body Tree and What Lies Ahead.

Emma Dumont started dancing when she was three. In her later life, she ultimately danced ballet professionally. Her dancing alone can be attributed to her slender and toned figure. With the physical training she does on a regular basis, this can surely help her stay in shape. Dishing about her love of ballet, she said: “I love ballet, as it is the basis for a lot of dance styles, but my favorite is a draw between contemporary and tap. I love the emotion and fierceness of contemporary and I have several floor-burn scars that I cherish. I love tap because it’s so precise and when you improvise you can create your own “music”!”

When asked what she thinks about dancers being athletes, she totally believes that dancing is the same as doing sports. She explained: “Ballet and dance require almost daily training. It’s amazingly physical, and ballet dancers, in particular, are trained to not show exertion. To anyone that is a skeptic I would suggest they take a dance class which is the best way to prove the point.”

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