Rebecca Ferguson Diet Plan

Rebecca Ferguson

Hollywood star Rebecca Ferguson started her acting career in her native country Sweden. She eventually landed a break in the international scene. Her very first significant role was as Elizabeth Woodville on the British series The White Queen. Due to the success of the show, she was able to attract significant attention. Subsequently, she landed roles in Hollywood films starting with Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson. Her biggest break thus far was as Ilsa Faust in the film Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. In 2016, she starred in three features: Despite the Falling Snow, Florence Foster Jenkins, and The Girl on the Train. This year, she starred as Miranda North in Life.

Rebecca is now a popular face in Hollywood thanks to some of her notable performances lately. Her work in the latest Mission Impossible also showed how toned her figure is. It made her look more efficient with all the action scenes. The great thing about her character there was that she was able to be strong and seductive at the same time. In an interview, she admitted how vigorous the training she had to undergo in order to prepare for her role. Of course, she also had to watch her eating habits.

She said about her healthy diet while on the set of the film: “If you start being stupid and think that you’re going to look good because you don’t eat, you won’t be able to get through it. We’re given good carbs, good protein, lots of sweet potatoes. [My food plan] was completely dependent on the scene that I was doing. If I wasn’t exercising too much, I ate more salads and vegetables. I did cut out sugar for eight months.” Along with her workout routine and healthy eating habits, she was able to look great in Mission: Impossible. She even did her own stunts!

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