Emily Deschanel Diet Plan

Emily Deschanel

Hollywood actress Emily Deschanel had her career beginnings in the early 2000s, though she made her film debut in 1994’s It Could Happen to You as an extra. She pursued acting full-time in the 2000s. During her start, she had recurring roles in the TV shows Rose Red and Providence. She also had roles in the films Easy, Cold Mountain, The Alamo, and Boogeyman. Her major breakthrough was as Temperance Brennan in the television series Bones. She played the lead on the show from 2005 to 2017 with the series running for 12 seasons. Her role there also earned her People’s Choice nominations. While starring in Bones, she also starred in the movies Glory Road, My Sister’s Keeper, and The Perfect Family.

The former Bones star has been a vegan since she was in high school. Throughout the years, she’s managed to maintain this eating lifestyle. In an interview, she described what her diet is really like. She said: “I have a very alkaline diet. I love to drink green juices and eat lots of salads. I also like to make a habit of eating as many different colors of vegetables as I can. As for treats, of course, there’s fruit and you can even get vegan chocolate. For Easter, I buy little chocolate vegan bunnies and give them to everyone.”

She believes that by being a vegan, she can actually help the environment. She explained: “Some people don’t seem to realize that factory farms do more harm to the environment than all of our transportation vehicles combined. There are a lot of discussions about the importance of fuel-efficient vehicles, but people can do more for the earth by becoming vegan.” When asked if she raises her kids to be vegans, she answered: “They are not 100 percent vegan, and neither is my husband. The kids are about 99 percent vegan, and that’s because I let them eat eggs occasionally with their dad.”

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