Chuck Norris Net Worth

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris:

$70 million

Chuck Norris is an American martial arts artist and actor. He first appeared as an extra in the 1968 film The Wrecking Crew. Later in 1972, he played one of the villains in the film Way of the Dragon. Deciding to pursue acting full-time, he had his first starring role in 1977’s Breaker! Breaker! The following year, he starred in the film Good Guys Wear Black, gaining him mainstream fame. In the 1980s, he became further known for his lead roles in several movies, like the role of Col. James Braddock in Missing in Action and its sequels. In the 1990s, he played the lead in the television series Walker, Texas Ranger. Other films during this period were in Delta Force 2, The Hitman, Sidekicks, and Forest Warrior. His latest movie role was in 2012’s The Expendables 2.

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