Paul Bettany Workout Routine

Paul Bettany

English actor Paul Bettany had his career beginnings in the 1990s. He made his debut in the TV series Wycliffe. His first film role was in 1997′ Bent. In the 2000s, he got his break for his role as Geoffrey Chaucer in the movie A Knight’s Tale. At the same time, he also starred in the movie A Beautiful Mind. The rest of the 20000s saw him star in the films Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Dogville, Wimbledon, and The Da Vinci Code.

In 2008, he started playing J.A.R.V.I.S. in Iron Man. He has since reprised his role in all the Iron Man sequels, as well as The Avengers films. He also played Vision in Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Other films include Transcendence, Mortdecai, Legend, and Journey’s End. He will star in the upcoming feature Solo: A Star Wars Story. He’s also recently played Ted Kaczynski the miniseries Manhunt: Unabomber.

Paul Bettany is a prolific actor, so training for a specific role is not new for him. While he usually plays characters with an average physique, it was a different case for his role in the movie Legion. For this project, the actor needed to get ripped and gain muscles, so that’s what exactly he did. Before his training for Legion, he talked about his typical workout routine. He said:

“I was a beer and bread man, so it was a big adjustment. Motivation wasn’t a concern – I have an extreme work ethic. If someone pays me a lot of money to build a superhero’s body, I’ll do everything in my power to get that look.” He went on to say: “Everyone that does weight training knows that you stand differently after you do back and shoulder work. I feel much stronger and more aligned after working out. I’m very lucky to have Mike Hood as a trainer. He’s really a great motivator because he’s fucking funny – he’ll keep you laughing through your workout.”

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