Carrie-Anne Moss Diet Plan

Carrie-Anne Moss

Hollywood actress Carrie-Anne Moss started her acting career in the early 1990s. Her television debut was on the US series Dark Justice as part of its main cast. She then joined the main cast of Models Inc. as Carrie Spencer. She next starred as Lucinda Scott on F/X: The Series. She had her major breakthrough after landing the role of Trinity in The Matrix. She reprised her role in the sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Other notable roles in the 2000s were in Memento, Chocolat, and Disturbia, among others. In the 2010s, she had appeared in the films Silent Hill: Revelation, Compulsion, Elephant Song, and Frankenstein. As of 2015, she stars as Jeri Hogarth on the Netflix series Jessica Jones.

The actress turns 50 this year, but looking at her it is obvious how she stays slender. She also maintains her youthful charm. This is because she observes proper nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle in her daily life. Talking about beauty, she said: “I know that when I feel really good about myself and my life, I radiate beauty. When we see someone who is really truly beautiful, it’s not because they have perfect features or they don’t have wrinkles — it’s because their soul is coming through. What I’m striving for is really being authentic.”

She also stated: “Believe me, I love working out and being in good shape, and I have a whole plan to do more. It’s not like I’ve lost that. But being skinny is not beautiful to me. I was kind of in that hamster wheel of thinking, sure, it’s easier to get dressed because things fit you. But it’s not the be-all and end-all. Real beauty comes from eating high-fat foods. I think women, especially have to eat fat. They have to eat avocados and olive oil and things that have fat in them.” She also takes care of her skin by doing right to her body. She said: “I think your skin is such a reflection of if you’re eating well, getting enough sleep, you’re drinking enough, so really look to your skin to tell you what you need.”

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