Becky G Diet Plan


American celebrity and performer Becky G made herself a star by posting covers of songs on YouTube. She was then signed and released her first song “Becky from the Block”. She later released her debut EP Play It Again. Her second single “Can’t Get Enough” came out the following year. It was however the single “Shower” that garnered her mainstream prominence. It ranked in the Top 20 of Billboard Hot 100. She went on to release the songs “Can’t Stop Dancin'” (2014) and “Break a Sweat” (2015). This also paved the way for a film career. She will star as the Yellow Ranger in the upcoming movie Power Rangers. She has also appeared in 2 episodes of the musical series Empire.

The 19-year-old petite star has a slender figure that she maintains by practicing a healthy lifestyle. She may be young, but she doesn’t make this as an excuse to not take care of herself well. Being in the entertainment industry, she knows that the only way she can stay fit and energetic is by eating the right foods. In an interview, the singer-rapper said: “For me, when I first got in, I started with eating healthier because it made me feel better about myself.”

She added: “I noticed differences in my skin. You know, being a teenager, you’re never going to get rid of your acne, but I just felt like it’s important to drink a lot of water, make a lot of healthy decisions. But also, I’m not trying to go crazy. I still love French fries and pizza, [it’s] just choosing the right times to eat French fries and pizza.” With this, she knows how important it is to also balance her diet plans. She knows that once in a while she needs to indulge her cravings. Completely banning herself from the foods she loves will only make her unhappy.

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