Amanda Schull Workout Routine

Amanda Schull

Starting as a ballet dancer, Amanda Schull eventually got the opportunity to start a career in movies. Being a ballet dancer she was able to land a starring role in the movie Center Stage. During the same period, she joined the main cast of the show My Family and Me. She was part of the show from seasons 3-9. After her stint on the show finished, she starred in the films Women on Top and Mao’s Last Dancer. She also starred on the Lifetime movie Sorority Wars. She went on to garner widespread recognition for playing Sara Evans on One Tree Hill. She next appeared as Anita Colby in the movie J. Edgar. She next played recurring role Meredith Sorenson on Pretty Little Liars. After this, she became known for her role as Katrina Bennett on Suits. She’s now known for her role as Dr. Cassandra Railly on 12 Monkeys.

The television star maintains her slender figure by being healthy in general. Aside from being cautious of her eating habits, she also makes sure she has an active lifestyle. Staying active makes her have sufficient energy to go about her day efficiently. When asked about her workout routine despite her busy shooting hours, she said: “I try to slip exercise in to my daily routine as much as possible. When I am shooting long hours it can be difficult, especially when I have early call times. If I’m not able to attend a ballet or structured exercise class, I do my own exercise routine that consists of a Pilates mat class. I also bring an exercise band to set and do leg or arm work between scenes.”

She also revealed how her love of ballet hasn’t changed despite being a full-time actress. She admitted: “I still love ballet. I try to take classes when I can, it’s cathartic for me, and something my body continues to crave. I don’t run as much as I would like because of a back-injury. When I do run, I have to be very cautious about my posture. It’s quite frustrating that I can’t run more often because my husband is an avid runner, and even completed his first marathon last year at 2:51:31!”

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