Carla Gugino Workout Routine

Carla Gugino

American celebrity Carla Gugino made herself known by her notable works on film and television. Starting the late 1980s, she’s already been acting on screen. Her first notable role was as Sydney St. James on the show Falcon Crest. During her career beginnings, she was able to land roles in some films. She became widely known in the 2000s for playing Ingrid Cortez in the Spy Kids film series. She has also played notable roles in the films Sin City, Night at the Museum, Rise: Blood Hunter and American Gangster, among others. Subsequently, she starred as Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre in Watchmen. She also became known for playing the lead on the TV series Karen Sisco. She went on to play Amanda Daniels on Entourage and Abby on Californication. She recently starred as Kate Hewson on Wayward Pines’s Season 1.

Thanks to her healthy lifestyle, Carla is able to sustain a youthful glow. She also owes her lean and toned physique to her active lifestyle. When asked how she practices beauty from the inside out, she has these words to say: “I’ve been doing yoga since I was thirteen. How often I do it depends on my schedule; it’s definitely a staple for me. I also love Pilates, and SoulCycle puts me in a good mood while I’m getting a good sweat!”

In a more recent interview, she added: “I’m really into Barre3 in the West Village, it’s such a kick-ass class. If I’m in New York I’m doing Barre3 and SoulCycle. If I’m in L.A., I’m hiking and swimming.” She also expressed her love of meditation. She revealed: “I’m a meditator—in the reality of today, and particularly for women, we don’t ever take 20 minutes unless we schedule it. The brain is such an active organ, it wants freedom to daydream in a way, and we just don’t allow space for that. Yoga is always meditation to me, too. More so than relaxing, they both allow time to slow down a bit.”

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