Alyssa Milano Workout Routine


Television and film actress Alyssa Milano‘s career dates back the 1980’s. Back then she was already prolific on the small screen. She first became a star for starring on the sitcom Who’s the Boss? which aired for eight seasons. This significantly boosted her career prospects in Hollywood. After the show ended, she mostly starred on TV movies before starring on Melrose Place as Jennifer Mancini. She cemented her fame as Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed. She starred on the show for eight seasons. After the show wrapped up, she had a notable role on My Name Is Earl. She continued her career in the 2010s with a main role on the drama series Mistresses.

The actress is surely a television staple. She’s been a star on the small screen since the 1980s. Those who have followed her career will also notice how Alyssa has managed to stay youthful all throughout the years. She has also maintained a slender appearance despite the fact that she’s in her 40s now. She stays young and healthy by eating right and working out. This may be sometimes challenging for her since she’s also a wife and a mom, she makes it work. In an interview about she takes care of herself, she said:

“Because my time is so limited, my philosophy about working out and staying in shape has become accomplishing the most in the shortest amount of time.” She added: “I’m way more likely to take my son for a walk to the park and back in the morning than go to a gym. It’s the perfect way to get my cardio in! I get to spend time with him and be super active myself at the same time. I also just started to take dance class, which I love. It’s time for me when no one else is around, and it’s a great workout. I like to take burlesque classes due to my friend who was totally raving about it. It really is just a wonderful way to stay in shape and also have an hour to myself every single week.”

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