Kim Raver Diet Plan

Kim Raver

Hollywood actress Kim Raver had her career beginnings in the 1970s with the children’s show Sesame Street. After a long break, she returned to performing in the ’90s where she mostly had guest appearances on the small screen. Her first starring role on television was as Kim Zambrano in Third Watch. She then became known for starring as Audrey Raines in 24. Subsequently, she starred as Kathryn Hale in the short-lived series The Nine. After its cancellation, she became known for her role as Nico Reilly in Lipstick Jungle.

In the 2010s, she’s best known for playing Dr. Teddy Altman in Grey’s Anatomy, a role she still plays up to present. Simultaneously, she played the recurring character Julia Neville in Revolution and reprised her role as Audrey Raines in 24: Live Another Day. More recently, she’s also had recurring roles in APB, Ray Donovan, and Designated Survivor. She also voiced Captain Marvel in the animated movie Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors.

The 49-year-old actress stays in shape by following a healthy diet plan. In an interview with Shape, she got candid about her dietary habits that help her not only maintain a normal weight but also feel healthy as a whole. “My overall philosophy is eat well and in moderation. I feel better when I stay away from very carbohydrate-y foods and when I’m eating whole grains—I do really love greeny grainy kinds of things and I love lean proteins,” she said.

Of course, she also knows the importance of indulging every now and then. “But that’s not to say every once in a while I won’t eat one of those amazing chocolate cakes that you cut into and it melts out—lava cake! If you deprive yourself it makes you feel needy and then it’s all you want to eat and you go overboard,” she explained.

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