Troian Bellisario Workout Routine

Troian Bellisario

American actress Troian Bellisario‘s Hollywood career started young. This is because she was born to a family of film and TV producers. At a young age, she appeared in the movie Last Rites and in 2 episodes of the TV series Tequila and Bonetti. She returned to acting a couple of years later, though she only became fully active in the 2000s. She appeared in 2 episodes of First Monday and NCIS, the latter of which her father produces. During the 2000s, she also appeared in some short films. In the late 2000s, she was cast for the role of Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars. She plays one of the lead roles. The show became successful and this has since earned her prominence. She also appeared in 2 episodes of Suits, in which her now-husband Patrick J. Adams currently stars in.

The 31-year-old actress maintains her slender and fit body through a healthy lifestyle. She eats healthy and follows a fitness routine. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are the two most effective ways to maintain a healthy body. Luckily for the Pretty Little Liars actress it comes natural for her. Everything about living healthy is something that she does because she wants and loves to. Even with her tight schedule, she manages to fit her fitness regimen to take care of her body. In an interview, her personal trainer said how the actress is into aerial workouts.

Her trainer said: “We’ve been working together over two years now. It is entirely dependent on her shooting schedule, but if we are lucky we can sneak in two sessions a week. Her time is very limited so we need to engineer our training to be as efficient as possible. Her current focus is on aerial silks and, if time permits, full contact self-defense fight training. These are both total body, core intensive training strategies. Before she came to me, she had done the standard Hollywood fitness designed more to make people look pretty. I train to keep people alive and teach them a highly complex physical skill. We’re not trying to look like a badass; we’re trying to make you into one.”

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