Lucy Hale Workout Routine

Lucy Hale

American celebrity Lucy Hale‘s Hollywood career began in 2005. During her initial years, she appeared in one-episode roles in a couple of TV shows. She also starred on Secrets of a Small Town, an unsold pilot. By 2007, she landed a main role on the short-lived show Bionic Woman. She next starred on Privileged, another short-lived series. During the same time, she made her feature film debut in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Her big break came as Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars, which aired in 2010. While on the show, she had a role in the movie Scream 4. She also starred as the lead in the direct-to-video A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song.

The beautiful actress is now a household name. This is all thanks to her starring role on the long-running series Pretty Little Liars. She was prominently exposed not only in the US, but in other countries as well. The 27-year-old star still enjoys her slender frame. She stays fit and healthy by trying her best to live well. Even her busy schedule, the actress makes it a point to eat right and exercise. Being naturally active, she burns extra calories with her adventurous spirit.

Even when it’s hard to work out while working, she’s able to since she’s dedicated. In an interview, she said: “It’s hard to fit in workouts when we’re filming, but I try and exrcise a few times a week. I’m really into Core Power’s hot yoga—not Bikram, but the step below that—and originally I just wanted a good workout, but it’s actually been really good for me. It helps me slow down and it forces me to relax. It was miserable and hard at first, but now I’m addicted to it. And of course, I live in Los Angeles so I try and be outside. I might go for a hike or a run.”

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