Taylor Cole Diet Plan

Taylor Cole

American actress Taylor Cole got her start on television. She first starred as Erika Spalding on the television series Summerland from 2004 to 2005. After this, she played Sarah Blake on Supernatural. She then made her film debut in 2006’s All You’ve Got. She later starred in the films Loaded, 12 Rounds, as well as in the straight-to-video film April Fool’s Day. She went on to play recurring character Rachel Mills on the NBC Heroes. Apart from these, she had guest appearances on such shows as Numb3rs, CSI: Miami, SI: Crime Scene Investigation, Cold Case, and Melrose Place.

She next played Martina, a recurring character on the show Secret Girlfriend. From 2010 to 2011, she starred as Vicky Roberts on The Event. She later played Samantha Owens in 10 episodes of CSI: Miami. Following this, she appeared as Jennifer Starke on The Glades. In 2016, she starred in a couple of Hallmark TV films. She also recurring role Sofya Voronova on The Originals. As of 2017, she stars as Fiona Lane on the CBS series Salvation. Also in the 2010s, she had roles in the films The Violent Kind and Dumbbells. Other movie roles are The Ganzfield Haunting, Bad Blood, and Weaponized, among others.

To maintain her slender figure and overall health, the actress sticks to a clean diet plan. In an interview with Health Today, she got candid about her dietary regimen. She revealed: “I’m doing the NutriFit system. They drop off the food at your doorstep in the morning– two days’ worth of food, three on the weekend. It comes with a menu, and you can decide what you like. I bring my meals with me to the set so I don’t have to think about it. I used to have a lot more protein, and then I got sick of having an omelet every morning and added carbs.”

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