Shay Mitchell Diet Plan

Shay Mitchell

Canadian actress Shay Mitchell began her acting career in her native country when she was around 22. A year after that, she landed a main role on the television series Pretty Little Liars, which went on to become successful. This resulted to her achieving recognition from audiences all over the globe. Simultaneously, she has also acted in other projects, such as in the short film Immediately Afterlife and appearing in an episode of Punk’d and Project Runway. She has also upcoming movies, these are Dreamland and Mother’s Day. She still plays her character on Pretty Little Liars, which is currently in its Season 6.

The beautiful actress can credit her good looks to her mixed Irish/Scottish and Filipino heritage. Of course, maintaining it is a different story. Although she admits to being a food lover and wanting to try anything, she makes sure she does her best to eat nutritious food most of the time. In the morning, she mostly has an egg-white omelet with spinach and mushrooms as her first meal of the day. This keeps her all filled-up and full of energy as well.

For lunch, she typically has a salad with fish or chicken to keep it balanced with proteins. Balanced meals are always important for her, so she does her best to incorporate this practice into her meals. She eats less at night, only opting for a vegetable soup for dinner, but since her soup is still made up of healthy veggies, she still gets to have a nutritious meal without needing to eat a lot, which is something that is actually good for her. The actress also admitted to being fond of potato chips, and of course, pizza. She said in an interview: “I can’t say no to pizza! I’ll 100 percent eat a whole pie by myself. If I do, I just move on. No guilt.”

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