Sasha Alexander Workout Routine

Sasha Alexander

It was in 1997 that Hollywood star Sasha Alexander started acting professionally. Her first acting gig was in the low-budget movie Visceral Matter. She later made her debut on television with a main role as Jesse Presser in the series Wasteland. After this, she gained notice for her recurring role of Gretchen Witter in Dawson’s Creek. She next had a short stint in the medical series Presidio Med.

She then became known for playing Special Agent Caitlin Todd in the first and second seasons of NCIS. Subsequently, she played Melissa Meade in the movie Mission: Impossible III. She later performed in the movies The Last Lullaby, Yes Man, and He’s Just Not That Into You. From 2010 to 2016, she became widely known for her co-lead role of Dr. Maura Isles in the series Rizzoli & Isles. Since 2015, she also plays the recurring part of Helene Runyon in Shameless.

The film and television star has a pretty much active lifestyle. Aside from her healthy diet, her physical engagements to various activities is what makes her maintain her slender and toned figure. In an interview, she talked about her fitness routine. She said: “Since I have a dance background, I love dance workouts like the Tracy Anderson ones, but I also am careful not to be too hard on my body, because I am sensitive to over-exercise and injury.”

Aside from this, Sasha also loves outdoor activities, saying: “I like hiking and walking, as well as taking the occasional [indoor cycling] class, which is fast but effective — and I love the group aspect of it.” She also tries her best to exercise even when she doesn’t have enough time through DVDs. She revealed: “But I also have a bunch of DVDs, as well as 15-minute routines, that I have learned so that when I am short on time or if I am at work and I can’t really break a sweat I can still squeeze something in, such as stretches or light weights.”

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