Ryan Guzman Workout Routine

Ryan Guzman

Hollywood actor Ryan Guzman only began his career recently, but he’s already made a name for himself. He first started his work with cameo appearances. Thanks to his strong dancing skills, he got the male lead in the movie Step Up Revolution. This was the start of his rising potential in Hollywood. Afterwards, he starred in There’s Always Woodstock. He also reprised his role as Sean in Step Up: All In. He went on to star in the films The Boy Next Door and Jem and the Holograms. Recently, he played the lead in the movie Beyond Paradise and starred in Everybody Wants Some!!. On television, he had notable roles on Pretty Little Liars and Heroes Reborn. He now stars on Notorious.

Since starring in Step Up Revolution, Ryan has shown his lean and chiseled looking body. He further showcased this in The Boy Next Door where he played Jennifer Lopez’s younger lover. Basically he has his dancing training to help him get a great start in terms of developing a remarkable physique. Dancing alone is a great workout in itself. Interestingly, it was said that Ryan is not into weight lifting. Actually, his training mostly revolved around dancing and his background of mixed martial arts.

But now that his getting more roles, he is exploring other options. For instance, Ryan worked harder for his role in Heroes Reborn. During this time, he visited the gym more often to build muscle and lose fat. He even shared some of his gym moments with his fans on social media. In a photo posted in one of his social media accounts, the actor said: “Been hittin this gym up every day, for almost three months now. I’ve gained 18lbs so far. I’m starting to really like the changes I see and feel.”

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