Rockmond Dunbar Net Worth

Rockmond Dunbar

Rockmond Dunbar:

$2 million

Rockmond Dunbar is an American actor. He had his career beginnings in the 1990s. He first debuted in the 1993 film Misery Loves Company. Afterward, he made his first TV role as Baines in Earth 2. He next had guest roles in The Wayans Bros., Pacific Blue, The Practice, and The Pretender, among others. Later in 2000, he acted in the independent movie Punks. He then became known for starring as Kenny Chadway in the TV drama Soul Food. At the same time, he starred as Jalen in the sitcom Girlfriends. Dunbar gained wider recognition for his role as Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin in Prison Break. After this, he starred in the feature film The Family That Preys. In the 2010s, he played Sheriff Eli Roosevelt in Sons of Anarchy and FBI Agent Dennis Abbott in The Mentalist. As of 2018, he plays Michael Grant in the TV series 9-1-1.

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