Renee Olstead Workout Routine

Renee Olstead

It was in 1995 that Hollywood star Renee Olstead started acting professionally. She did so by making her debut in the miniseries Streets of Laredo. Her next roles were in a couple of television films. She later appeared as Amy Beck in five episodes of Reunited. She next appeared as Deborah Wigand in the movie The Insider. From 2002 to 2006, she became known for her starring role of Lauren Miller in the show Still Standing.

At the same time, she had roles in the movies Scorched and 13 Going On 30. She next starred in the feature Super Sweet 16: The Movie. Further success came after being cast as Madison Cooperstein in the television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. After the show ended in 2013, she starred in the movies The Midnight Game and Unfriended.

The celebrity stays in shape by sticking to an active lifestyle. She works out on a regular basis not just to sustain a lean figure but to maintain her overall health and well-being as well. She understands the importance of keeping an active life by means of physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle is definitely not something that she looks forward to having. She enjoys moving her body and increasing her heart rate. In an interview, she got candid about her fitness routine. She said:

“I do dance classes; I do Pole Fit which is really fun for me. I will hit the gym as well and do some weights and treadmill, but for me, the important part of exercise is having it be fun. Dance is fun, it doesn’t feel like a workout until afterward, when you can’t move and you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. I go to a studio called Pink Pole Party in Burbank, [California], and they donate all of their profits to breast cancer awareness charities.”

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