Poppy Montgomery Workout Routine

Poppy Montgomery

It was in 1994 that Hollywood star Poppy Montgomery began her acting journey. While she was just starting out, she made plenty of guest appearances on the small screen. She also landed small roles in some movies. Her first recurring role on TV was as Jennifer in Relativity. Her first credited role on the big screen was in 1998’s Dead Man on Campus. Her career became more prolific in the 2000s starting with playing Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, a miniseries. From 2002 to 2009, she further rose to fame for her role as Samantha Spade in the TV series Without a Trace. While on the show, she starred in some B-movies and TV films. Lately, her portrayal of the lead role Carrie Wells in the show Unforgettable earned her widespread prominence.

She may be in her mid-40s but the actress stays in great shape thanks to her fitness regimen. Talking about how she maintains her amazing physique, she said about her workout: “I try to squeeze in a workout four days a week, but it’s all contingent upon my filming schedule. I like to mix it up — but the focus is always on creating long, lean muscles. I work out with Valerie Waters in L.A. and Kacy Duke in New York. I love working out with a trainer when I can. It helps challenge me, and keeps the workouts fresh and dynamic.”

She also explores different kinds of exercises, saying: “I’m always game to try something new! I love to mix strength training exercises with yoga and pilates.” When it comes to the challenges of maintaining a fitness regimen, she revealed: “Sometimes, getting to the gym in the wee hours of the morning! If I work a 20 hour day on set, it’s really hard to get out of bed and motivate to work out, but once I do, I feel amazing and it keeps me going throughout the day.”

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