Poppy Montgomery Diet Plan

Poppy Montgomery

Australian-American actress Poppy Montgomery had her beginnings in the mid-1990s. During her early years, she appeared in the films Devil in a Blue Dress and Dead Man on Campus. Her first notable role on the small screen was as Jennifer Lukens in Relativity. Her career became more active in the 2000s. During this period, she portrayed Marilyn Monroe in the miniseries Blonde. She gained further prominence as Samantha Spade in the TV series Without a Trace. Simultaneously, she starred in the TV movies Murder in the Hamptons and Snow Wonder. She next starred in the TV film Lying to Be Perfect. She went on to portray J. K. Rowling in the TV film Magic Beyond Words. In the 2010s, she played lead role Carrie Wells in the television show Unforgettable.

The 45-year-old actress stays in shape by eating well. When it comes to her eating regimen, she said eating every three hours works for her really well. She said: “My body really changed when I started to eat every three hours. I try to keep snacks with me at all times — almonds, apples, string cheese. If I’m on the go, Starbucks has these really great low-calorie snack trays with hummus, or grilled chicken, so I’ll grab one of those.” Though she eats healthily most of the time, she also indulges in her cravings every now and then.

She said: “I love a good margarita! I also love ice cream, and who doesn’t occasionally want a big, juicy hamburger? I don’t deprive myself — but I do try to eat small meals every three hours. If I’m constantly eating on something healthy, like an apple and string cheese, I don’t get starving to the point where I blow it on a huge meal. But, if I am craving something, I’ll have a cheat day and get that burger!”

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