Ng Chin Han Net Worth

Ng Chin Han

Ng Chin Han:

$49 million

Ng Chin Han is a Singaporean-American actor. He debuted in 1994, appearing on the TV series Masters of the Sea. He later made his movie debut in 1998’s Blindness. In the 2000s, he pursued international work. He first appeared in the Canadian film 3 Needles released in 2005. He made his first Hollywood role as Lau in 2008’s The Dark Knight. He next played the role of Tenzin in the disaster film 2012. He gained wider recognition for his supporting roles in the films Restless, Contagion, Final Recipe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Independence Day: Resurgence. He later starred in Ghost in the Shell and Skyscraper. He also played Frank Chen in 4 episodes of Arrow.

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