Haley Lu Richardson Workout Routine

Haley Lu Richardson

It was in 2012 that Hollywood star Haley Lu Richardson started her professional acting career. She first appeared in the show Up in Arms, followed by the TV film Christmas Twister. She next appeared as a dancer in Shake It Up. She later made her film debut in The Last Survivors, followed by The Young Kieslowski. Her first notable role on the small screen was as Tess Hamilton in Ravenswood. She next guest-starred in the shows Awkward and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Her first starring role on film was as Maggie Townsend in the independent feature The Bronze. Afterward, she became known for her role as Krista in the movie The Edge of Seventeen. At the same time, she starred as Claire in the thriller film Split. This year, she has three upcoming films: Support the Girls, Operation Finale, and The Chaperone. Additionally, she also played the recurring role of Ellie Dennis in the series Recovery Road.

Haley maintains her health and fitness by practicing an active lifestyle. She likes to keep her body moving. On the other hand, she doesn’t really like working out at a gym. She prefers doing outdoor activities instead as she finds them more enjoyable. In an interview, she said: “I feel like I’d be miserable if I had to lift weights under the fluorescent lights at the gym every day, so I do things like dancing and hiking, which makes me sweat, but more importantly make me a happier person.”

As for her go-to workout routine, she revealed: “I did competitive dance for ten years before I moved to LA so that is definitely still a big part of my life and how I stay healthy. I go to this place called Cardiobarre, which is a ballet-inspired workout class with no impact. I have a couple of injuries from dance so I’m really thankful for that place.”

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