Michelle Keegan Diet Plan

Michelle Keegan

It was in 2008 that actress Michelle Keegan got her start in the show business. She had a solid debut with a starring role in the British soap opera Coronation Street where she starred as Tina McIntyre. The show aired on British television until 2014, which suffice to say, garnered her mainstream recognition in the UK. At the same time, she also appeared as herself in the miniseries Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. After Coronation Street, she starred in the short-lived British drama series Ordinary Lies playing the role of Tracy.

She later portrayed Queen Elizabeth I in an episode of the British comedy series Drunk History. She achieved further success after landing the role of Georgie Lane in the BBC series Our Girl. She still plays the said role up to present. Simultaneously, she co-starred as Tina Moore in the three-part series Tina and Bobby. She appeared in Drunk History again, this time portraying Mary, Queen of Scots. This year, she appeared in the reality series Who Do You Think You Are?.

One of UK television’s pretty faces, Michelle Keegan takes care of her body and her overall health through a clean diet plan. She focuses on eating nutritious foods and practices portion control to stay in shape. In an interview, she got candid about her diet habits. She said: “When it comes to diet I believe in everything in moderation. I don’t eat red meat and at the moment I am trying to cut down the amount of dairy I have, but I don’t believe in beating yourself up or stopping yourself having anything you really want.”

She went on to say: “I try to avoid having carbs late at night when I am preparing for a photo shoot but one of my favorite foods is cheese and I love having a Chinese on a Saturday night. I think it is healthy to have a relaxed approach and balanced outlook.”

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