Maggie Gyllenhaal Workout Routine

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Hollywood star Maggie Gyllenhaal had her career beginnings in the early ’90s. She became more active the following decade. During this period, she appeared in the films Donnie Darko and Riding in Cars with Boys. She then got her significant breakthrough as the lead in the film Secretary. For her role, she was nominated for a Best Actress Award at the Golden Globes. Subsequently, she had roles in the movies Adaptation, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Mona Lisa Smile. She was again acclaimed for her lead role in Sherrybaby. She went on to portray Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight. Her performance in Crazy Heart got her her first Oscar nomination.

The actress turns 40 this year and looking at her, it’s amazing how she has managed to stay slender throughout the years. She’s not only slim, she also has a toned body, which she credits to her adherence to a regular workout routine. Exercising on a regular basis is important to her because it does not only help her maintain her healthy weight, it also makes brings her her much needed energy. Workout out also makes her feel good both physically and mentally. Though she knows it’s a challenge to do it, she still does.

In an interview, she said: “I think finding the time to exercise is all about organization. You must make the time and then go and do it. I have figured out how to be a mother, attend press meetings, take care of my house and exercise, but when I am shooting I have not completely figured it out yet. It’s a learning process.” When it comes to her own workout habits, she revealed: “For most of my life, I’ve done yoga and only yoga. I do the very athletic form of yoga– Ashtanga. If you do it carefully and stay conscious about what you are doing, you get so strong. I feel really good when I practice yoga.”

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