Liv Tyler Workout Routine

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler has been in the show business since she was young. Thanks to her parentage (her dad is Steven Tyler and her mom is model Bebe Buell), she got her start in the entertainment industry early. She was a model first before becoming an actress. Her movie debut was in the mid 1990s and soon she was significantly noticed for her lead role in Stealing Beauty, followed by Inventing the Abbotts. In the 2000s, she became internationally recognized for her role as Arwen in Lord of the Rings film trilogy. She had also starred in other mainstream feature films, including Armageddon in 1998 and The Incredible Hulk in 2008. She now stars on television with the TV series The Leftovers that airs on HBO.

The 40-year-old actress and the mother of two still looks at her best thanks to her healthy habits. Aside from ensuring that she mostly eats clean and healthy, she also makes sure that she gets a lot of body movements and physical exercises to achieve a fit and a toned figure. Being in her 40s, it becomes crucial for the actress to take care of herself as doing nothing would not only harm her well-being, but also wouldn’t help her shed those extra pounds.

So, what are Liv Tyler’s beauty and body secrets? For one, she feels confident about being a mom and the scars that go along with it. Her being a mom also did not pressure her to slim down immediately. She took her time and spent it with her kids instead. She lost weight eventually by training with professional trainer David Kirsch, in which she worked out using combination of routines. When asked if it is true that breastfeeding helps in losing weight, she said: “Not for me! True, you’re burning a lot of energy, but you’re also absolutely ravenous. I developed gestational diabetes and had to follow a restricted diet.”

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