Keke Palmer Diet Plan

Keke Palmer

Hollywood celebrity Keke Palmer had her career beginnings in 2004. During her initial years, she acted in the films Barbershop 2: Back in Business and Madea’s Family Reunion. She also made guest appearances on the small screen. She then ventured into music, releasing her debut album So Uncool. It didn’t chart on US Billboard 200. However, she landed the lead role on the Nickelodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP. After the show ended, she worked as a voice actress playing Aisha on Winx Club. In the 2010s, she played recurring characters on 90210 and Masters of Sex. She also played Zayday Williams on Scream Queens. She now stars on the TV series Berlin Station.

Standing at 5’6, the actress surely has a slender physique and a fit body. Talking in an interview, she revealed that she practices beauty from the inside out by “talking kindly to myself, working out and maintaining a healthy diet.” Though she also admits pizza to be her weakness, calling it her ideal food throughout the day. Generally, she knows it is more important to live a healthy life by eating healthy most of the time. That is why her go-to breakfast is a smoothie with loads of protein.

Moreover, she prefers eating lean meat and vegetables because it makes her skin look radiant as long as there’s no oil in them. When asked about her last meal and who would it be with, she said: “My mom. We’d have my favorite soul food meal that my dad makes: Pork chops, mac n’ cheese, sweet potatoes and greens.” Keke is also fond of healthy snacks. She revealed it to be “fruit and veggies with almonds – and sometimes those cool Justin’s packs.” For her, a perfect smoothie need to be composed of fruit, almond butter, two scoops of soy protein, ice and almond milk.

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