Kate Winslet Workout Routine

Kate Winslet

One of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, Kate Winslet started her film career in the ’90s with Heavenly Creatures. She soon gained praise for her work in Sense and Sensibility. Her international fame was then secured by her work in Titanic. She continued her career in the 2000s with starring roles in major Hollywood films. This includes Iris, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Finding Neverland. She teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio again with Revolutionary Road. For her performance in The Reader, she won the Oscar for Best Actress. Her quality work as an actress continued in the 2010s. For her role in miniseries Mildred Pierce, she won a Primetime Emmy. More recently, she played the antagonist in the first two films of The Divergent film installments.

Since her beginnings, Kate Winslet has impressed her fans not only for her acting chops, but also for her confidence. She’s one of those actresses who doesn’t believe she needs to be skinny. Her curvaceous body has been one of her assets ever since. She applies the same principles, especially now that she’s a mother to three kids. She also knows that there’s pressure for actresses to get back their slim bodies after having babies. As for her, she allows herself to have her baby weight and wants to enjoy motherhood instead of working so hard to lose weight.

In an interview, she was noted for saying: “I so didn’t want to be one of those ‘Oh, wow, she’s back in shape after 12 weeks’ women. When I read things like that, I just think, ‘Oh, for fuck’s sake, that’s actually impossible.” She continued: “I want to keep my health and my sanity and be well fed and happy. My body will never go back to what it was and I wouldn’t expect it to after three babies.” She still works out though, but not for the purpose of losing weight, but for her overall health and fitness. She revealed: “I don’t go to the gym because I don’t have time but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home.”

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