Kate Upton Workout Routine

Kate Upton

Hollywood star Kate Upton first became prominent for her appearances on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. As she gained mainstream notice, she started getting featured on other well-known magazines. She has ultimately started a career in the movies. Her debut was a cameo role in the movie Tower Heist. She next appeared in the film The Three Stooges. She then joined the main cast of the feature film The Other Woman alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. More recently, she had roles in the films Wild Man and The Disaster Artist. She has also recently appeared in an episode of the show Lip Sync Battle.

The 25-year-old model-actress has been known for her curvy figure. But more recently she has changed her physique by engaging in more intense workouts. It’s now easy to notice that Kate has gone slimmer. Her body has also become more toned. In an interview, she said: “I found a training plan that really works for my body. I love feeling strong, and strength training has really changed my body.” Yes, that’s right. The Sports Illustrated model does resistance training. This is despite a lot of women being afraid to do so worrying that they may have bigger muscles.

As for Kate, strength training is just a matter of proper execution. Plus, she has her trainer to help her do it right. She starts her routine by warming up. She does this by a little foam rolling and stretching, lateral band walks with a resistant band, and lunges. From there, she performs a circuit that has something to do with lots of resistance-training motions, such as weighted hip thrusts. Her trainer said she’s pretty strong that she can “deadlift over 200 pounds, do sled pushes with 500 pounds, and bear crawls with 300 pounds. Kate feels happy about her new fitness routine, saying: “This year, I had a completely different mindset about my body and instead of always trying to fit in a certain sample size, I wanted to be strong and healthy.”

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