Kajal Aggarwal Diet Plan

Kajal Aggarwal

Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal has successfully built her career in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Her first film was in the Hindi movie Kyun! Ho Gaya Na…. This was in the mid 2000s. Shortly after, she starred in Chandamama, which was a box office success. This naturally earned her prominence. Her starring part in the Telugu movie Magadheera proved to be significant in her career. She even got a nomination for Best Actress at the Filmfare. She has since established herself as a leading Telugu actress with lead roles in numerous films. In the 2010s she also became more active in Tamil cinema.

The 31-year-old actress is able to maintain her slender figure through eating healthy. The actress believes that eating right is not only for looking fit and slim, it’s also for having enough energy to be productive daily. For this reason it is important for her to only consume nutritious foods. This way, she not only looks slim and fit, she also feels energized. This is also the reason why she stays away from unhealthy foods. She believes processed and junk foods can only weaken her and load her body more empty calories, which could result to weight gain.

Furthermore, Kajal does not believe in any fad diets. She wants to be as healthy as possible by following the natural practice of dieting. The actress has said in an interview how she prefers the natural way in achieving a great look. She also expressed her fondness for fruits, green veggies and dahi. She further said: “I like natural ingredients and that’s what helps me stay fit. Also I drink a lot of water as keeping my skin hydrated is very important. Fresh fruit juices and coconut water are also good for the skin as it washes away all the toxins in the body.”

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