Josh Henderson Workout Routine

Josh Henderson

Hollywood actor Josh Henderson had his career start in the early 2000s. After landing guest spots on the small screen, he got his first significant part in the show One on One. His next notable role was in the show Over There. Subsequently, he landed the role of Austin McCann in Desperate Housewives, gaining him wider recognition. He next appeared in 3 episodes of 90210 as Sean. During the 2000s, he also performed in the movies The Girl Next Door, Step Up, Fingerprints, and April Fool’s Day. From 2012 to 2014, he became known for his performance as John Ross Ewing III in the revival of Dallas from the series of the same name. He also starred in the 2014 movie Swelter. This year, he started starring in the television series The Arrangement.

The 36-year-old actor stays in shape by working out on a regular basis. Even since starting a career as an actor, it’s apparent how the actor’s body has transformed throughout the years. In the present, it appears that Josh is doing a great job with his physical training since he’s gained a substantial amount of muscles that give him additional bulk. He also has a toned physique, adding to the masculinity of his form. In an interview, the actor admitted to working hard to achieve his body. Appearing on some shows which required him to be topless, such as in Desperate Housewives and Dallas, he knew he needed to look better.

It is also normal for most men in Hollywood to bulk up to increase their attractiveness. Of course, playing male characters often require them to perform action-oriented scenes, which means their bodies need to be strong and agile, which is why workout is also a must aside from the aesthetics factor. Talking about his workouts during one of the shows he starred on, he said: “I was on”Desperate Housewives” and that was my crash course on being on national television topless. Also, I do what I can in between scenes: push-ups, a little free weights. I knew going in it would be a big part of the show.”

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