Hayley Erin Diet Plan

Hayley Erin

Hollywood actress Hayley Erin had her career beginnings in the 2000s, first appearing on the sketch comedy series MADtv. She later had a one-time role on The District, as well as appeared in 3 episodes of Emily’s Reasons Why Not. She next had one-episode roles on The King of Queens and Big Love. Her first starring role on television was as Abby Newman on the soap opera The Young and the Restless, which she starred in from 2008-2010.

At the same time, she had guest appearances on Two and a Half Men and Modern Family. In the 2010s, she landed guest roles on True Jackson, VP, Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures, A.N.T. Farm, and The Glades. She later played Noelle on Melissa & Joey and Piper on Austin & Ally. From 2015-2018, she became known for her role as Kiki Jerome on General Hospital. It was announced that she landed a starring role on the upcoming series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

The actress stays in shape by following a healthy lifestyle. She hasn’t tried any fad diets and sticks to the basics of clean eating. Nonetheless, she also caves in to some of her guilty pleasures every now and then but she believes it’s all about balance. “I don’t count calories and I don’t necessarily try to eat healthy all the time, but I do try to be as good as I can so that I don’t feel bad when I do eat something unhealthy,” said the soap opera star.

“I love yogurt and I’m really into the Chobani Flip, which is yogurt on one side and pear honey on the other. I’ll have one of those for breakfast and a cup of tea and maybe something like an all-natural LÄRABAR. That will tide me over for a while. For a snack, I’ll eat coconut chips,” she shared. For lunch, she likes to have some salad but, if she’s working her go-to lunch would be “all-natural frozen meals”.

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