Farrah Aviva Net Worth

Farrah Aviva

Farrah Aviva:

$400 thousand

Farrah Aviva is an actress. She made her acting debut playing Nicole Richie in the 2008 TV film Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story. That same year, she had roles in the films Run Rabbit Run and Girlfriend Experience. She next starred in the movie Zombie Punch, as well as appeared in an episode of Soldiers of the Apocalypse. Later in 2014, she appeared in some episodes of Relationsh*t. That same year, she played a brief role in the film M.A.R.R.A. She went on to star in the TV films Asteroid: Final Impact, Merry Matrimony, and Sound of Christmas. Aviva also had notable guest roles in Supernatural and The Magicians. In 2018, she had a brief role in the movie The Professor.

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