Eliza Taylor Diet Plan

Eliza Taylor

Australian actress Eliza Taylor started her acting journey in her native country with roles on a couple of television shows, such as Pirate Islands, Neighbours, and The Sleepover Club when she was around 14. Though she already appeared on Neighbours in 2003, she was cast again for a different, and this time a regular role on show, which she played from 2005 to 2008, earning her recognition as a television actress in her country. She even received an Indie Soap Award nomination for her performance on the show. After her stint ended, she continued her work on the small screen with one-episode roles in some other TV programs. In the 2010s, she decided to explore more opportunities, thus she auditioned for roles in Hollywood and landed the lead on the American series The 100. She started playing the said character in 2014, which also garnered her mainstream fame. Also that same time, she made her Hollywood cinematic debut with the movie The November Man.

Standing at 5’5, the 26-year-old actress is widely known among television viewers, thanks to her lead star status in a fairly prominent show. Of course, she’s also further noticed for being attractive courtesy of her pretty face and slender figure. With the show being action and adventure-oriented, the actress needs to look more fit to portray her part more effectively. For this reason, she becomes more health conscious and more serious in taking care of herself.

Interestingly, she doesn’t take it to the extreme. Though she’s serious in wanting to be fit and healthy, it doesn’t mean that she’s obsessed with losing weight and reaching a targeted body proportion. For her, staying healthy and sexy is by enjoying all the processes. She exercises but she takes is easy. She eats clean and healthy but she doesn’t strictly impose a diet plan for herself. She loves food and wants to be happy by eating what she likes. What she does is observer proper portion control. Tp keep her strong, vibrant, and filled-up, she mostly has veggies and fruits.

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