Dylan McDermott Workout Routine

Dylan McDermott

Hollywood actor Dylan McDermott started acting professionally in the 1980s. He debuted in the 1987 film Hamburger Hill. He later played Jackson Latcherie in the comedy-drama film Steel Magnolias. In the ’90s, he starred in the movies Jersey Girl, In the Line of Fire, and Miracle on 34th Street. He later became widely known for starring as Bobby Donnell on the ABC series The Practice. The following decade, he played Leander McNelly in the film Texas Rangers, Peter Gatien in Party Monster, and David Lind in Wonderland. He later starred in the movies Edison, The Tenants, The Messengers, and Mercy.

At the same time, he played Duncan Collinsworth on the show Big Shots, as well as appeared as Carter Shaw on the TNT series Dark Blue. In 2011, his career on television became more prolific thanks to his role as Ben Harmon on American Horror Story: Murder House. He next played Johnny Morgan on American Horror Story: Asylum. Subsequently, he starred on the short-lived CBS shows Hostages and Stalker. This year, he starred as Capt. David “Dave” Pratman on the Fox series LA to Vegas. It was also recently announced that he’ll reprise his role as Ben Harmon in the upcoming American Horror Story: Murder House sequel, American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

For his role on the first season of the acclaimed show American Horror Story, the actor knew he needed to improve his physique. For one, there was some nudity that his character was required to perform. For this reason, he was motivated to intensify his workout routine. In an interview with Digital Spy, he recalled: “I knew going into it that there was nudity and that a lot of people would be watching, so I knew I had to be in really good shape.” He later said: “I’m no fool, so I hit the gym and watched what I ate.”

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