Cosimo Fusco Net Worth

Cosimo Fusco

Cosimo Fusco:

$1 million

Cosimo Fusco is an Italian actor. His first credited role in the movies was in 1991’s Rossini! Rossini!. From 1994 to 1995, he became known for his role as Paolo in the sitcom Friends. He later appeared in the Hollyowod film The Eighteenth Angel. In the 2000s, he appeared in such films as Gone in Sixty Seconds, The Card Player, and a few other Italian-films. He then appeared as Hannibal Cotta in some episodes of Rome and played the part of Father Simeon in the movie Angels & Demons. He recently starred as Angelo in the Spanish series 30 Coins. In 2017, he appeared in the film The Man Who Invented Christmas.

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