Charlotte McKinney Workout Routine

Charlotte McKinney

American model and actress Charlotte McKinney had her career beginnings building her modeling profile on social media. After she garnered attention via Instagram, she was profiled in Esquire. This led her to book a job with Guess. She was soon signed with a huge modeling agency. Her starring in a Carl’s Jr.’s All Natural Burger commercial made her more famous. This led her to her venture in movies. Her first movie role was in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser in 2015. She next made a minor appearance in The Late Bloomer. This year, she appeared in the films Mad Families, Literally, Right Before Aaron, Baywatch, and Flatliners. She has also appeared in a couple of music videos.

Charlotte stays in shape by working out regularly. She takes constant efforts to take care of her body. She does so not only to stay fit and slender but to also maintain her overall physical and mental health. Being a model and an actress means she needs to sustain her figure for both aesthetics and health reasons. In an interview, she got candid about her fitness routine. She said:

“For my weekly workout, I alternate between hot power yoga & Pilates. I love the way both these work outs give you long lean muscles instead of bulking you up…not a huge fan of that look. A combination of the two are sure to do the trick! If I’m traveling and neither are an option, I like to take power walks on the beach and practice my postures there.”

For her bikini tricks, she revealed: “If I know I’m going to be on the beach in a bikini— which I usually am, or want a last minute prep for a shoot, I’ll hop in the sauna or take a hot yoga class to get my energy and metabolism up and also shed any extra water weight and toxins that can be bloating.”

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