Carrie Coon Diet Plan

Carrie Coon

Hollywood actress Carrie Coon had her career beginnings in the 2010s. Before acting on screen, she was already a prolific actress on the stage. She made her first television appearance in an episode of The Playboy Club in 2011. She next made guest appearances in the shows Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ironside, and Intelligence. She later made her big screen debut with a supporting role in the movie Gone Girl. That same period, she started playing Nora Durst in the HBO series The Leftovers.

For her role here, she won a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series. After The Leftovers, she joined the main cast of Fargo as Gloria Burgle. Her performance here was also acclaimed that she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Best Actress. She also starred in three films in 2017: The Keeping Hours, Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town, and The Post. She will star in the upcoming movie Widows.

The 37-year-old actress stays in shape by making sure that she mostly eats healthy food. Generally, she stays away from processed and junk foods. She basically maintains a clean diet plan. Being a prolific actress both on the screen and on the stage, she needs to make sure that her body is healthy to be able to work more efficiently. This is why she’s conscious of the foods that she eats. In an interview, the actress became candid about her food choices. When asked about her go-to lunch, she said:

“Apples and peanut butter is my favorite snack. If it’s a long day, I go for the protein, load up on vegetables and indulge in an Arnold Palmer.” She also starts her day right by having a nutritious breakfast. Talking about her breakfast food choices, she said: “I always travel with my hand-grinder, an Aeropress and my stovetop milk frother because I have one, maybe two cups of coffee a day, and they must be good. Then I’ll have oatmeal with greek yogurt and maple syrup or wheat toast with avocado and a fried or hardboiled egg.”

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