Candice Accola Diet Plan

Candice Accola

American actress Candice Accola is now a television staple, thanks to her starring role in the popular series The Vampire Diaries. Initially, her career began in the recording industry though she didn’t really pursue it for so long. She next transitioned to acting, landing guest roles on a couple of television shows and films, as well. After a few years of being unknown, she got her big break after securing a main role in the mentioned show The Vampire Diaries. The show’s large fan base worldwide has allowed it to stay on the screen for so long, securing Candice’s popularity, too. The show is still ongoing, when it ends, fans will be interested to known what other projects Candice would involve herself with.

Standing at 5’8, Candice has a long stature accompanied by her slim figure, which makes her amazingly sexy. Interestingly, she works hard to maintain this kind of physique through workouts and healthy eating. For one, she avoids eating unhealthy foods like those rich in sugar, high in carbs and those processed foods with not-so healthy ingredients. For breakfast, she usually has oatmeal, Greek yogurt with strawberries, and green smoothie to start her day the healthy way.

After breakfast, Candice snacks on such foods as walnuts, hummus, kale chips, almond milk, and granola bars to keep her feeling energetic throughout the day. She follows this with lunch, which consists of grilled turkey, bacon, fish, meat, and mixed salad. Such combination really shows how the television actress values a balanced diet. Her last meal of the day, dinner, involved her munching on vegetable soup, green beans, and baked chicken. In addition, Candice drinks plenty of water as a way of detoxification. This not only guarantees her clean diet and fit and lean body, this also results to her having a radiant skin.

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