Bridget Regan Workout Routine

Bridget Regan

It was in 2006 that actress Bridget Regan got her start in the acting biz. She made her debut in the pilot The Wedding Album. She went on to land guest roles in such shows as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Six Degrees, and American Experience. She later appeared in four episodes of The Black Donnellys. In 2007, she made her film debut in The Babysitters. She next had a minor part in the movie Sex and the City.

Her first notable role was as Kahlan Amnell in the series Legend of the Seeker. After the series ended, she played Alex Salter in Beauty & the Beast. She then gained notice for her role as Rebecca Lowe/Rachel Turner in White Collar. In 2014, she started appearing in Jane the Virgin as a recurring character/s. At the same time, she played Dottie Underwood in Agent Carter. More recently, she joined the main cast of the series The Last Ship.

Looking at her, it’s obvious that the actress has a toned and a slender figure. Despite the fact that she’s nearing her 40s, Bridget is able to maintain her fitness by sticking to an active lifestyle. In an interview, she talked about the workout routine she did while filming for the show Legend of the Seeker in New Zealand. She said: “When the weather’s good, the best thing to do is to go outside and be active.”

She added: “I have a dog as well, so I always take the dog out and go for a run when I can. My job was luckily really active. When I’m in Los Angeles and New York City, I work with trainers.” She also has a workout trick that she learned from one of her trainers. She revealed: “My trainer in NYC got me into these mini-bands that look like two massive rubber bands. He puts one around my ankles and one above my knees and has me bend down a little bit, hands on hips, and has me do these little side steps and walking lunges with them on.”

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