Shakira Barrera Net Worth

Shakira Barrera

Shakira Barrera:

$2 million

Shakira Barrera is an actress. She started her acting career in the 2010s where she first appeared in a short film. She next had her TV debut in an episode of Sketch Juice. The actress later had her first movie appearance in 2015’s Superfast! Barrera’s first notable work on the small screen was in Freak Out. Between 2014 and 2016, she played Vashti Nadira in the MTV series Faking It. Later in 2017, she appeared in the film Blood Heist. That same year, she played the role of Angie in the TV series High & Mighty. Following this, she became further known for playing Yolanda Rivas in the Netflix series GLOW. She also recently played Lulu in the comedy show It’s Bruno!

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