Blake Lively Diet Plan

Blake Lively

The lovely Blake Lively is now a mom. So much has happened to the actress who only made her theatrical debut with a starring role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Now she’s married to Ryan Reynolds and shares a daughter with him. With a more interesting career ahead of her, Blake’s stardom has been cemented, thanks to her strong screen presence, sophistication, and remarkable beauty and talent. After her film debut, she appeared in the movies Accepted and Simon Says. Then, in 2007, she started playing one of the leading roles in Gossip Girl, which instantly made her one of the sought-after young actresses of her generation. The success of the show helped her gain starring roles in New York, I Love You, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Town, Savages, and Green Lantern. She recently headlined the movie The Age of Adaline.

Aside from her pretty face, Blake is also prominently tall. Standing at 5’10, her long, toned legs are the envy of most women. She’s also slender yet strong. She owes her amazing figure and her being fit to her workout routine and her healthy eating habits. The actress doesn’t follow any specific diet plan. She just makes sure that she eats something healthy most of the time. For breakfast, she usually has oatmeal accompanied by almond milk. This combination gives her the energy she needs until noon time. She follows this with salad with some chicken, egg, meat or fish for lunch. She makes sure that her second meal is rich in proteins. At night, Blake is fond of eating sweet potato, healthy vegetables, lean meat and brown rice. Just like regular people, Blake also has cravings so she indulges herself to having snacks by eating a little piece of sweet for dessert. She has vegetable and fruit shake, too, instead of munching on junk or processed foods.

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