Leighton Meester Diet Plan

Leighton Meester

American celebrity Leighton Meester is multi-talented that acting is not the only one that makes her special. After expressing her interest for performing at a young age, she ultimately pursued it and was noticed for her beauty and knack for acting, though she embarked on a modeling career first. Starting her television career in the late 1990s, she was given her first main role in the short-lived series Tarzan (2003). During the next few years, she busied herself with guest and recurring roles in Entourage, 24, and Veronica Mars.

She was given another opportunity to prove herself on the television series Surface, although the show wasn’t so lucky. After more appearances in Shark and House, she finally got her break on the small screen in 2007 after being cast for a starring role in what would become the hit teen drama Gossip Girl. Her performance on the show was also lauded by critics. She played the role of Blair until 2012, enough to establish herself as a prominent young star. This then led her to act in many movies, such as in Killer Movie, Date Night, Going the Distance, The Roommate, and Monte Carlo. Her most recent films are Life Partners and By the Gun.

Standing at around 5’5, the Gossip Girl actress is known for her thin frame. Since starting her career, the actress has been slender like that, so it must be her natural body type. Even after recently giving birth to her first child, the actress’ slim physique remains unchanged. Despite this, Leighton is strong and healthy, something she achieves through workouts and healthy eating. Basically, the actress focuses on eating naturally healthy food as advised by her personal trainer. Examples of these are brown rice, unprocessed foods, fruits, whole grains, and tofu. Eating such foods on a regular basis really brings amazing results to the body. Incredibly, she recognizes the need to not overdo dieting to the point of getting depressed because you cannot eat what you want. She said: “Just have a little bit of something that you want. Don’t overdo it.”

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