Antje Traue Workout Routine

Antje Traue

It was in 2000 that German actress Antje Traue had started her acting career. Naturally, she started her work in her native Germany. She eventually ventured an international career. Her first role in an English-language movie was in Pandorum. In the 2010s, she got her first break after landing the role of Faora in the Hollywood movie Man of Steel. She next starred as Bony Lizzie in the fantasy film Seventh Son. At the same time, she portrayed Adele Bloch-Bauer in Woman in Gold. She has since starred in the films Despite the Falling Snow and Criminal. After appearing on the BBC series Close to the Enemy, she joined the cast of the Amazon series Oasis.

The 36-year-old now finds herself in the international spotlight, thanks to some roles in Hollywood films. The first ever role that got her noticed was her part as Faora in the Superman flick Man of Steel. Playing a warrior in the said film, she knew she had to train more vigorously in order to improve her physique. It was reported that the German star trained for four months to prepare for her role. Since her character was an alien-warrior from planet Krypton, it was crucial that she looked like the part.

Some of the workouts she did during her training were “split squats with kettlebells banded to the barbell, pulling rope with a chain, and performing single leg exercises”. Not only can these burn fat, these are also effective for building lean muscle mass. When asked about her training experience, she said:

“Working out and lifting weights made me experience that there is beauty to physical strength and fearlessness and power. Eventually, you come to a point where your mind allows you to break through your physical boundaries and takes you to places where you think you could never go to.”

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