Alfonso Herrera Net Worth

Alfonso Herrera

Alfonso Herrera:

$1 million

Alfonso Herrera is a Mexican actor. In his native country, he’s best known for his performances in the TV shows Clase 406, Rebelde, RBD: La familia, Mujeres Asesinas, Camaleones, and El Equipo. He also had performances in the films Amar te duele and Venezzia. He later starred in the show El Diez, as well as in the movies Así es la suerte, Venezzia, and La dictadura perfecta. He recently became known for his supporting role as Hernando Fuentes in the Netflix series Sense8, gaining him wider recognition. At the same time, he starred in the TV movie Urban Cowboy and portrayed Ernesto “Che” Guevara in Drunk History. He also played Father Tomas Ortega in the short-lived Fox series The Exorcist.

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