Alexander Skarsgård Workout Routine

Alexander Skarsgård

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård is already an established performer in his native Sweden. Being the son of actor Stellan Skarsgård, it is not surprising that he also followed his father’s footsteps. Some time in the mid 2000s, he acted in his first American project, in the miniseries titled Revelations. Though it took him a few more years to become noticed for his role in Generation Kill, a miniseries which aired on HBO. After this, he was cast for a main role in True Blood, which went on to be a popular television series, earning him widespread prominence. His new-found fame in Hollywood led him to star in some feature films, such as in Straw Dogs, Melancholia, Battleship, Disconnect, and The Giver. He was recently cast as the titular in the upcoming movie Tarzan.

His portrayal of a charming vampire in True Blood certainly raised his status as an actor. It also led him to the attention of female audiences. Standing at 6’4 1/2, Alexander is truly magnificent in his work both on television and cinema. Most are also in awe of how good he looks, which he surely maintains through working out and eating healthy. About his regimen, the actor said: “We do have to be fit. There’s a lot of running around, but I don’t go to the gym 6 days a week or do any weird diets or anything like that.”

His body has noticeably become leaner and bigger compared to when he was just starting to get noticed. Since most of his prominent roles involved him showing his bod, it can be easy to make a comparison. He was already fit even before, particularly in Generation Kill, but for his role in True Blood, he gained some muscles. According to him, his workout routine mostly consists of lifting weights and going to the gym whenever he has long breaks from shoots. Amazingly, unlike other actors who impose a strict training program, Alexander prefers to apply a more relaxed approach. He wants to be fit and healthy, but he also wants to take it easy. He knows that nothing comes out good from overdoing it.

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