Zarine Khan Diet Plan

Zarine Khan

Indian celebrity Zarine Khan is known for her acting and modeling work. She only entered the film industry in 2010, but she has since built a prolific film career for her. Her debut was in Veer, for which she had a leading role. For this, she got a Best Female Debut nomination at the Zee Cine Awards. Her item number in the box office “Character Dheela” made her more famous. She went on to establish her acting status with starring parts in Housefull 2 and Hate Story 3. She went on to star in the Punjabi film Jatt James Bond. She has a couple of upcoming projects in 2017.

Everybody knows that Zarine was not always slender. When she started out as an actress, the actress appeared healthier. Because of the criticisms she received from the media for not having the standard, slim body, she worked so hard to lose weight. She successfully did so. When asked about her diet secret, she revealed: “I don’t follow any diet. I eat everything in small portions and at the right time. One needs to understand that fitness should be a way of life. You can’t go on and off diets. You need to make small and permanent changes to your lifestyle. Eat healthy and stick to it.”

She also said that slimming pills don’t work and it’s really proper nutrition and fitness regimen that helps. She added: “Desi ghee is good fat and it makes you healthier and stronger. I think one teaspoon every day will take care of your skin, hair and bones. Sauté your vegetables with a little ghee instead of olive or refined oil.” As for her cravings, she said she never tried to resist them. She said: “If you resist cravings you will end up bingeing later on unhealthy foods. This does more harm than good.”

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